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About El & Wes Collection

The El & Wes Collection is a family lifestyle brand. This brand was started when new mom” Cheria” a Senior Technology Project Manager for a FINTECH company had her first child. Her infant son developed cradle cap when he was three months old, and she treated it by mixing organic oils to calm his scalp. While creating this mixture Cheria began to think of creating products that could help adults, during this time the new mom started experiencing postpartum hair loss. And after much prayer, fasting and research the El & Wes founder had a divine encounter while sleeping, she was shown in her dream by the “holy spirit” to use cinnamon in her products.

After praying about it again she made the decision to include cinnamon as the primary ingredient in her shampoo and conditioner. After over 1 year of research, development, and testing; The Cinnamon Sensitive Scalp Shampoo is the first product that the El & Wes Collection founder created. If you are asking yourself why cinnamon in a shampoo; according to research cinnamon stimulates the blood flow which potentially encourages hair growth.

The El & Wes Mission Statement

Our mission is to create more than just a product, we are a collection that produces natural products that work. El & Wes Collection is not only a faith-based company we consider our company to be Jesus Christ- based and Christ filled. We believe that God can and will provide his children with anything when you pray and believe (Mark 11:24). We wanted to develop a collection that can be used by all family members. We specialize in maintaining a healthy scalp for adults and children and The El & Wes family believe that great hair starts with a clean scalp.

Why Choose El & Wes Collection
Gentle Cleansing
Calming and Soothing
Hydration and Moisture
Scalp Nourishment

Who is El & Wes? 

The El & Wes founder came up with the name by taking the first two letters of her middle name and the first three letters of her son’s name to come up with the name of the company.

Crafted formulas to nourish and rejuvenate your scalp, providing a blissful and indulgent experience.

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